Top 8 Things to Throw Out of your Company Web Design



Most companies out there spend a great amount of time thinking about what they can do to make their website stand out from others aka their competitors that are in the same business category. When a person tries too hard, they may just over do it. With technology constantly improving, new web trends come out for web designers. These new trends may be 50 percent optional things to try on a website and the other 50 percent may be required things like the responsive web design.

Read below a list of the top 10 things to remove from your web design.


1- Auto Music. Background music increases website bounce rates. It’s true, most individuals who go to a website and a song starts to autoplay, it will cause a small disruption to the website visitor and they will most likely click out of the website. A website visitor may be out in a public location or browsing a website from a quiet workplace and a loud background song starts to play. Chances are that website visitor will have an unpleasant experience. Throw out your background music if it’s still playing. The best practice for a web designer is to create a website that can be accessible to everyone and will feed the user a great overall experience when going to the page.


2-Human Walking Animation. Human walking animations are outdated. They may not seem real or original to believe. Take away your walking and talking animated human! They also cause a website to become a bit heavier because of the effect.


3-Pop Up on Exit.  A pop up when exiting a screen can be the scariest thing for a normal website viewer. The first thing running across their mind would be, ‘this is some sort of web trap.’ No one reads message the pop-up on exit, they just want to get out of it. Place this at the top of your agenda if you have a pop up at the closing of your website.


4-Exchange you Static Design for a Responsive One. Mobile devices are in and most website users browse on a mobile device. Developers now are almost required to make websites mobile friendly to please these individuals.


5-Auto Playing Video.  A video on a website isn’t bad, but an auto-playing one can land a situation same as the one described above in number 1- Auto Music. If you must keep a video on your website, don’t set it to auto play.


6-Special Effects Nav. No one has time for a fancy navigation. It’s like telling a person ‘Go Drive that Car’ and you add an effect to the steering wheel when they try to drive. It’s not going to end up too well. Keep a menu as simple as possible. A website menu should be placed in a visible location and should have little to no special effects that can play with the navigation!


7-CSS. Always practice clean coding in CSS Design. If you have the same font color on you p tags and h tags, you can included that code in one line without writing in separately. If your website does not have this form of coding, then you have a quick solution in hand and that is compression. You can compress your code and it will reduce it in size and in the number lines.


8-Images. A website that has some good Photo resolution is a always looked to be more professional, but there are somethings that may weigh heavy with great images. High photo resolutions are known to have large kb size or even mb. These quality photos will ultimately mean a website will have a heavy and long load time. Remove any gif images from a website and replace them with png or jpg formats. Always compress your website photos to reduce their kb size.


Follow these 8 web tips above to advanced your company or personal website!

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